Adventure Bay: Beachhead is the Conquest: Assault map of Battlefield: Cartoon Wars

Briefing Edit

Allies Edit

The Paw Patrol is now preparing the defenses of the Beachhead and their famous locations.

Bases Edit

  1. Lookout
  2. Pet Parlor
  3. City Hall
  4. Landing Beach
  5. USS Shogun Battleship

Outcomes Edit

Allies- Victory Edit

Your Forces Managed to defend the Adventure bay. along with the paw patrol and it citizens. Your Bravery will known as the Soldier who Defend the Bay. And Once more The Paw patrol made an All out Push

Allies- Defeat Edit

You Failed to Defend the Bay. Our Home is in Turmoil now Defend Adventure Bay.

Axis-Victory Edit

The Imperial Shogunate is very proud of your contribution on Capturing adventure bay. The Allies will think a move that they will retake the Island.

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