Battlefield 1: World War II is the fan fictional Stand alone game for Battlefield 1. the game takes place during World War II. it features various mission as well as being the first open world battlefield game in the series

The Turkish Ottoman force make a return. they are still enemies but now have more weaponry than BF1.

Weapons Edit

US Weapons Edit

M1 Garand

M1 Carbine

M1A1 Thompson


Browning Automatic Rifle


MP40 (captured)

Ottoman weapons: Edit

Gewehr 98 (still in use since it was replaced in german service by Kar98k)


Sten (captured from british forces)

MP40 (also used by the germans)

Kar98k (only seen in the mission, Ottopigs)

M1928 Thompson (captured from the americans)

PPSh-41 (captured from the russians)

Mosin Nagant (captured from the russians, Only seen in Ottopigs)

STG-44 (also used by the germans)

Carcano M38 (also used by the royal italian army)

Turkish mauser (used alongside the Gewehr 98)

German weapons: Edit


Kar98k (the gewehr 98 is still in use with the Turkish Ottoman)

Gewehr 43

MG42 (seen both mounted and a portable weapon)

MP 3008 (uses the same model as the Sten MKII)

PPSh-41 (captured from the russians during the invasion of stalingrad)


MP28 (used by the Waffen SS)

Turkish mauser (captured from the Ottoman)

Mosin Nagant (Captured)


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