Battlefield is predominately a first-person video game franchise.


Main seriesEdit

Battlefield 1942Edit

Main article: Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 2Edit

Main article: Battlefield 2

Battlefield 3Edit

Main article: Battlefield 3

Battlefield 4Edit

Main article: Battlefield 4


Vietnam story arcEdit

Battlefield VietnamEdit

Main article: Battlefield Vietnam

Modern Combat story arcEdit

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEdit

Main article: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

2142 story arcEdit

Battlefield 2142Edit

Main article: Battlefield 2142

Bad Company story arcEdit

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Main article: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

World War II story arcEdit

Battlefield 1943Edit

Main article: Battlefield 1943

Spec Ops story arcEdit

Battlefield: Spec Ops IEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Spec Ops I

Battlefield: Spec Ops IIEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Spec Ops II

Battlefield: Spec Ops IIIEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Spec Ops III

Battlefield: Spec Ops IVEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Spec Ops IV

Battlefield: Spec Ops VEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Spec Ops V

Battlefield: Spec Ops VIEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Spec Ops VI

Battlefield: Spec Ops VIIEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Spec Ops VII

Rogue Silent story arcEdit

Battlefield: Rogue SilentEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Rogue Silent

Battlefield: Rogue Silent 2Edit

Main article: Battlefield: Rogue Silent 2

Nick Toons story arcEdit

Battlefield: NickelodeonEdit

Main article: Battlefield: Nickelodeon

Canceled titlesEdit

Battlefield AfterWar Edit

Main article: Battlefield AfterWar

Online versionsEdit

Battlefield HeroesEdit

Main article: Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield OnlineEdit

Main article: Battlefield Online

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Main article: Battlefield Play4Free


Spec Ops story arcEdit

America in CrisisEdit

Main article: America in Crisis

Once and for AllEdit

Main article: Once and for All

A Very Cold WarEdit

Main article: A Very Cold War

Nuclear WinterEdit

Main article: Nuclear Winter

Close CallsEdit

Main article: Close Calls

The Scars of HistoryEdit

Main article: The Scars of History

Nine LivesEdit

Main article: Nine Lives


Main article: Savior

Battle Against TerrorismEdit

Main article: Battle Against Terrorism

League of CommunistsEdit

Main article: League of Communists


Video gamesEdit



Other mediaEdit


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