The Fan Game Battlefield: Cartoon wars is a fan custom mode of the Battlefield 1942

Factions Edit

Allied Edit

  1. Care Force
  2. Paw Patrol
  3. Disney Armed Force

Axis Edit

  1. Germany
  2. Neverland Pirates

Maps Edit

Most of the Maps are From Battlefield 1942

Conquest- Assault & Control Edit

  1. Assault on Pirate Island- Wake Island
  2. Care A Lot
  3. Danville At Siege
  4. Adventure Bay: Beachhead
  5. Bearlin
  6. Chuggington
  7. XmasDanvilleAtSiege- Event
  8. Pirate Island Breach

Conquest: Objective Edit

  1. Battle of Britain
  2. Operation TitanFall

Conquest:Head On Edit

  1. Roarsville
  2. Look Out
  3. Shem Hadar
  4. BattleAxe
  5. Battle of Midway

Commander Assualt Edit

Game modes Edit

  1. Conquest
  2. Assault
  3. Conquest Objective
  4. Control
  5. Commander Assault

Achievements Edit

War Story Edit


  • Operation Battleaxe- Paw training
  • Gazala- A Dessert Assignment
  • Iwo Jima- A caring Tag-up
  • Wake Island-Defenders of the Front
  • Market Garden-Chase's Final Mission
  • GuadalCanal-Paw patrol's Island Worktogether
  • Battle of Midway-The End of the War

Caring's Offensive-Allies Edit

  • Kharkov-Care Defenders
  • Bearlin-A hostile take over
  • Gazala-A Skye arise
  • Iwo Jima-A Caring TAG-UP
  • Battle Of Midway-A Thanks by the Paw

The Never Defender-Axis Edit

  • Wake Island- The Island Under Seige
  • GuadalCanal-Secure the Airport
  • Omaha Beach-The Recapture of Neverland
  • Bocage-Hook's Defensive
  • Bearlin-Defender
  • Battle of Britain-Battle for the Book

The Mission PAW(Event) Edit

  • Tobruk=German's Crown Steal
  • Omaha Beach=Mission Paw Opening
  • Kharkov=Aid of the Princess
  • Stalingrad=Retake the Iron Crown
  • Berlin=The German Fall
  • Tobruk=The Crown Defense