Battlefield: Adult Swim (abbreviated as BF:AS or simply Adult Swim Warfare) is a Battlefield game made by 4 different companies Adult Swim worked with EA to make the characters and Campaign Dice and Bethesda made the Multiplayer. This game almost received an AO rating but got M instead

Characters & CampaignEdit

Chapter IEdit

The Army of 3 - Dr. Venture, Peter Griffin & Bender sneak into a Airstrip to steal Beer

Hitman Blood Mooni - Dr. Venture finds out that Chris Griffin is working for a Neo Nazi Company called Season Pass (scary huh?)

The Venture Maggots - Dr. Venture & Dean Venture are captured by Season pass and are sentenced to death by alchohal poisoning

Team Assemble - As Brook free Dr. Venture Peter & Bender

Chapter 2Edit

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Chapter 3Edit

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