Battlefield: Cartoon Wars has a specific Campaign on this mission.

Summaries Edit

Paw Patrol Rolls Out Edit

During the Outbreak on the Cartoon Wars, Commander Brave Heart calls for help and Lucky Ryder of the Paw Patrol received the Call and ready his pups for combat. but the pups did not know how to handle weapons. Ryder knows who to call: Glaz, the Soldier Pup. after a tense training at Eastern Libya they will win the War.

Caring Offensive Edit

During the War the Care bears are now aiding with the Russian forces and at the day they knew that some of the Allied Bases are under attack they decide to call an ally to help. The Bears are managed to hold the fronts and thanks their allies to end the War Altogether

Never Defender Edit

The Neverland Pirates will Capture and Defend the Seas on the Campaign across with the German Forces. along with various captains on the Pirate's Cove. a soldier will take the book from Britania's hold

Mission Paw: Pups Saves the Crown Edit

Ryder and Chase are at Tobruk to guard the Barkingburg Crown. Sweetie Allies with the Germans this time.... the Paw Patrol lose the crown and as the War Progressed the Pups finds and Retakes the Crown with a defense and offense on the Fronts.

Battlefield 1942:Actual Campaign Edit

The Actual War begins during the Pups First Assignment on Gazala. until their involvement spreads across

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