Synopsis Edit

Battlefield: Danger Close follows the story of Corporal James Brookes and Hunter squad in the year 2022, following the destruction of the USS Valkyrie. The team must fight through the Siberian wilderness on the search for a lost platoon with intel regarding the Chinese army's arsenal of chemical weapons. The story will also be released by issue every month.

Characters Edit

Cpl. James Brookes - U.S. Army Rifleman, Hunter 4, Protagonist of the American chapters

Pvt. Yuri Bellizech, Russian National Guard, Zulu 8, Protagonist of the Russian chapters

Agent Yao Li, Admiral Cheng's Assassin, Protagonist of Chinese chapters

Lt. Chris Thompson, U.S. Army, Hunter Actual

SSgt. Richard Castro, U.S. Army, Hunter 2

Pfc. Alan Riceman, U.S. Army, Hunter 5

MSgt. Nikolai Czechovski, Russian National Guard, Zulu Actual

Cpl. Dmitri Alenko, Russian National Guard, Zulu 2

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1: The Hunt for Red Harrison - TBA

Chapter 2: Tag & Bag - TBA

Chapter 3: The Evil In Us All - TBA

Chapter 4: What Is Innocence? - TBA

Chapter 5: What Now? - TBA

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