• JCRules

    New Administrator: JCRules

    December 9, 2012 by JCRules

    Today, I have become an administrator of the Battlefield Fan Fiction Wiki. With these powers, I will make this wiki look professional. New guidelines will be set for this wiki; I will promise that no guideline will be overwhelming. I have recently protected the main page of this wiki since it will become a high-traffic page. In the article space, no page will be protected unless the specified page is a victim of vandalism.

    I am the founder of Cutter Studios (CS), which, at the time of this post, currently powers this and two other wikis. If you want to visit CS's website, click here. JC · Talk · Contributions 20:32, December 9, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Redkite

    'Notre terre de libération du' is a Battlfeild 3 fanfiction peice by redkite525, this is a preview so I can see feedback on it.

    French Naval Commandos are the elite amphibious special forces group of the French Navy, while most of their operations are top secret, they are an a highly professional force concidered to be some of the best France has to offer, they have earned a great deal of respect from similar special forces groups such as America's US Navy SEALs and the UK's Special Boat Service for their skill and professional style.

    'Notre terre de libération du' follows a four man team of French Naval Commandos as Russian Federation forces invade Paris and combined American and French forces launch a counter-attack which engulfs all of Pa…

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  • BrooklynGuido42

    lets see its one 1 map and only if that game mode gets radomly slesected WTF DICE?

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  • H2seasprite

    In every game that has air vehicles and light posts, I seem to crash into every single pole on the map atleast once. A conspiracy? A plot? All of the above? The answer is simple: they want me dead. I have probably died over 200 times in all the BF games I have played due to these buggers, mainly turning to evade missiles. They prove more deadly than the mountain side that pops up to tackle your helicopter. So please, friends, let us petition to DICE against these monsters, and together, we can make piloting at low altitude much, much safer.

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