A New Achievements for Battlefield Cartoon Wars. from battlefield 1942

Lists Edit


  1. Marshall Attack!- Win a match at Wake Island
  2. Ryder's ATV, Gone.- Destroy at least 4 vehicles using landmines
  3. Naval Assault Completed- Win as allied on Omaha Beach
  4. Chase the Super Spy!- Defend at least 30 seconds at your captured command post.
  5. Skye the Air Marshall- Destroy 5 Airplanes using a AA_Allies
  6. A Paw RAMPAGE!- Get 100 kills in a single match.
  7. Naval Reinforcements must be taken care off.- Use Def gun and Destroy 3 landing crafts
  8. Commander Challenge: A Campaign again.- Complete the Paw Patrol Campaign
  9. Commander Challenge:Present of the Frontline- Kill 4 opponents using Exopack
  10. Commander Challenge:Push ahead for the medium!- Win Omaha Beach on Normal Difficult

Disney Command attack Edit

  1. Armamental Assault- Use Tanks to kill at least 15 infantry on foot
  2. Leo Callisto here!-Win BattleAxe as an Engineer
  3. Welcome back, PJ Masks!-Win a Match on Essen as Axis
  4. Danville Defenders.- Win a match as Axis on Bearlin
  5. Miles Callisto armored up!- Win a match as Allies on Stalingrad as Assault
  6. Commander Challenge: the Crystal Mickey- Win the Match at Stalingrad

Axis Force Edit

  1. Tobruk is Ours!- As Axis Win a match at Tobruk
  2. Hold your Line- Capture and Defend at least 1 match at the Railways of Stalingrad.
  3. Naval Prowess achieved!- Win a match as Axis on Wake Island

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