The Achievements for the Battlefield Cartoon Wars for Battlefield 1942.

Achievement Edit

  1. Sneak and Stab- Capture a Command Post in Berlin and Kill the Enemies around it using an assault rifle.
  2. Assault-Sniper - Kill an 20 enemies using DP in a sniper form
  3. Bearlin is Defended- Win a round as axis in Bearlin
  4. Engineer is here- Kill 20 enemies as an Engineer
  5. Bucky Defeated!- Win as an axis force on Kursk
  6. Commander Challenge:Callisto Bomb Away- Kill at least 3 enemies by dropping a bomb
  7. Commander Challenge:Unstoppable Tank- Ride on a Sherman and Kill at least 5 enemies
  8. Commander Challenge:Repair and Attack- Repair a tank in a critical life until it fights back

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