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If this is found, return to 1st MSOB, Camp Pendleton, CA.

"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat." — Winston Churchill, 1940
"…[I]f you seek peace, if you seek prosperity…if you seek liberalization…[then] tear down this wall!" — Ronald Reagan, 1987
"[Terrorist] acts [may] shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve." — George W. Bush, 2001
"If you want to see your children live, your parents live, your siblings live, your friends live, then stand beside me against [the communists]!" — Me, 2021

The fifth page of Cutter's journal features a place to return it, if it is lost. Then, there are several of his favorite quotes.

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Boot camp

  • There are many unfamiliar faces, but many look at me as if I'm a legend, perhaps it is because of my family's military history.
  • First time for everyone, basically. Apparently, I, the Victor Cutter, met the Stormy Davids.
  • Marksmanship evaluation – I need to observe Sierra before the test.

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  • Mile
    • Attempt #01: 06:48.91
    • Attempt #02: 06:45.65
    • Attempt #03: 06:41.13
    • Attempt #04: 06:37.22
    • Attempt #05: 06:32.74
    • Attempt #06: 06:26.89
    • Attempt #07: 06:13.08
    • Attempt #08: 06:04.17
    • Attempt #09: 05:59.26
    • Attempt #10: 05:54.60
    • Attempt #11: 05:49.35
    • Attempt #12: 05:42.06
    • Attempt #13: 05:37.99
    • Attempt #14: 05:36.41
    • Attempt #15: 05:34.16
    • Attempt #16: 05:33.83
    • Attempt #17: 05:31.24
    • Attempt #18: 05:30.07
    • Attempt #19: 05:29.62
    • Goal: 05:30.00

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I have finished boot camp and going to the reserve. Now, I can go to UCSD.


  • Enlglish
  • French
  • Russian

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