Gulf of Oman
Teams United States Marine Corps vs. Omani Army 
Location Persian Gulf
Terrain Desert
Mode(s) Conquest, Co-op
Combat Amphibious Assault (32 & 64 modes)
Singleplayer Yes

Omani Army Deployment Edit

The Omani Army deploys at an Airfield located in the north eastern area of the combat zone.

Included Vehicles:

  • Challenger 2 
  • FAV
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • British Aerospace Hawk 200
  • Dornier Do 228

US Deployment Edit

The US deploys aboard the USS Essex (LHD-2). It is located in the south-western side of the map.

Included Vehicles:

  • F-35 (x2)
  • AH-6 Little Bird (x2)
  • UH-60 Black Hawk (x2)
  • RIB (x2)
  • 2K22 Tunguska (x2)

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