Operation Titanfall is a Conquest- Assault map for the fight Axis and Allied to end the World War 2 once and for All and the Climax of World War 1

Briefing: Cartoon Faction Edit

World War 1 Edit

Allied: Caring Force Edit

The Care Bears are at the Brisk of Doorstep the Axis are now pushing towards their Command headquarters. but the bears has to defend their headquarters to Strike Back.

Axis: German Forces Edit

The Germans are now marching to victory. They will try to Destroy the Caring HQ at Care-a-lot the operation is Codenamed: TitanFall Begins

World War 2 Edit

Axis: German Forces Edit

After the First World war the Germans Claims the Headquarters of Caring as their actual base. its up to the Axis to Defend the HQ and prevent the Plans to Create a superweapon to fall in the Allied Hands

Allied: Caring Army and Neverland Pirates Edit

The Time is at Hand the CareBears are Collaborated with the Neverland Pirates to start A Beachhead Assault from Bucky and The Mighty Collossus. the Pirates and the Bears will work together to get the CaringHQ and Get the Plans for an Axis Superweapon

Command Posts Edit

  1. Bucky- WW2
  2. Mighty Collosus-WW2
  3. BeachHead
  4. Axis Forward Fort
  5. German Garrison
  6. German Headquarters

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