Operation Pearl Harbor
Teams People's Liberation Navy vs. 

 United States Marine Corps

Tickets 330 (USMC) 

300 (PLN)

Terrain Flooded Urban City
Mode(s) Conquest Assault
Combat Urban, Close Quarters
Singleplayer No
Platform(s) PC
People's Liberation Navy
Light vehicle(s)
  • FAV
Main battle tank(s) BMP-3

Type 99

Self Propelled Artillery PLZ-45
Fixed-wing aircraft J-20

Xian H-6

Q-5 fantan 
United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s) Desert Patrol Vehicle
Main battle tank(s)
  • M1 Abrams
Self Propelled Artillery
Fixed-wing aircraft Gunship 
  • F-24
Emplacement(s) Flak 38


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