The Look Out is the Conquest: Head On Map. The Look out is not a spawn point but a Control Point.

Briefing Edit

Allies- Paw Patrol Edit

The Main Headquarters of the Paw Patrol is one of the Allies Last Stronghold. The Lookout was Abandoned by the Paw Patrol during their Involvement of the Cartoon Wars. when the pups notify that their hometown was Captured by the Germans led by Commander Humdinger who tries to capture the Lookout. Now Its Up to Paw Patrol to retake their HQ and put it back online.

Axis- German Armor Division Edit

Along with the Kitten Katastrophe Crew. the Germans will try to take the Lookout and act as the Outpost of the Cartoon Isles.

Load out Edit

Allies Edit

  • Medium Tank
  • APC
  • Artillery

Axis Edit

  • Medium Tank
  • APC
  • Artillery

Base Edit

  1. Allied Base
  2. Top Forward Base
  3. Axis Base
  4. Bottom Forward Base
  5. The Lookout

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