Xmas Danville at Siege is a fan event map located at the Outskirts of Bearlin for Battlefield: Cartoon Wars

Briefing Edit

Allied- PNF Edit

Its Christmas Eve Phineas and the Gang are ready to defend their home base from the Allied invaders of Caring it's up to them to defend their home.

Allied-Caring Edit

The Care Bears will try to storm Danville this Christmas to steal the gifts and plant the bomb inside to destroy. but they will Capture all command post around the City to reduce it to ashes

Command Posts Edit

Allied Phineas and Ferb Edit

  1. Forward
  2. Left Bunker
  3. Right Bunker
  4. Flecther Base

Allied Care Bears Edit

  1. Assault
  2. Left Spawnpoint
  3. Supply drop
  4. Caring Extraction point

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